Rey Reece

Ghost Blog external links to open in a new tab

In your Ghost site’s Code Injection Site footer, copy-and-paste one of these six scripts to make all of the external links in your posts open in a new window. 1) Put this in your Ghost site’s Code Injection Site Footer: <script> $(function() { $('.post-content a').filter(function() { return this.hostname && this.hostname !== location.hostname; }).attr('target', '_blank'); }); </script> (Note: you might have to change the above .post-content to match the CSS selector for your specific theme.

Install Caddy V2 on Ubuntu


Caddy is currently pushing the v2 series. The v2 series is very different from the previous v1 series. The previously written Install Caddy Server in Ubuntu is no longer applicable.

So rewrite an article to record the installation and configuration of caddy v2.0.

TiddlyWiki5 on a Raspberry Pi

The Problem There seem a ton of ways to get TiddlyWiki running. I thought I would try the Node.js version on a Raspberry Pi. I wanted a set-up so I could leave the Pi online and access the TiddlyWiki on the rest of my home LAN. After following the instructions I got to the last line: tiddlywiki mynewwiki --listen And I had TiddlyWiki running on the Pi, but couldn’t access on the rest of the LAN.